Stapo’s Sick Six – 1st Edition

Stapo’s Sick Six

Music is like Food, everyone listens to it and everyone has their own taste. Some enjoy commercial food like Mc Donalds, others enjoy exotic strange dishes, the rest enjoy a variety of food which is what this blog is all about. TUNES. . ?

Each week i’ll post 6 tunes from various genres, some of which you’ll have heard others you may not have. But they’re all gems!

So here we go 1st Edition. . . .

Beck – Gamma Ray (Modern Guilt)


Beck is an artist who is hard to define, his tracks range from hip/hop to rock to urban grooves. This track Gamma Ray is a song that oozes summer, you can’t listen to this without thinking about the beach or sunshine. Have a Listen and tell me what you think. . .

Eagles Of Death Metal – I Like to move in the night (Death By Sexy)


Eagles of Death Metal, despite the title are not a Death Metal Band. Consisting of two permanent members; Jesse ‘the devil’ Hughes and Queens of the Stone Age front man Josh Homme, the rest of the band filter through including Dave Grohl and various other notable musos. EODM are a band which play rocking light-hearted tunes about Cherry-Cola and Dogs, this tune is impossible to resist banging head to. EODM will be touring Australia early next year as part of the Sound wave Festival.

Fleet Foxes – He Doesn’t know Why (Fleet Foxes)


Fleet Foxes are a band which could have existed during the gold rush and nobody would bat an eye-lid. their image and music feels like it’s from another lifetime.  Their Debut self titled Album presented a batch of songs which contradicted the path of modern music and became extremely popular, playing Falls Festival in 2008/9 and winning NME’s Album of the year in 2008. They were one of the most successful bands of  last year, this track is one of my favourites of the album. listening to this song makes you reminisce. . .

Phoenix – If i ever feel better (United)


Phoenix are a  French Pop rock Band who have been around for a while now and are starting to get some commercial recognition in Australia. From the same batch of 90’s French groups as Air and Daft Punk, Phoenix present some groovy pop tunes which are hard not to dance to. Recently toured Australia to packed shows. This track is one which gives you the general idea of what they’re about. enjoy!

Note: Phoenix guitarist Laurent Brancowitz was formerly in a band with Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo, who eventually became Daft Punk. . .

Kasabian – Processed Beats (Kasabian)


I can’t speak more highly of Kasabian. They are currently the best band in the world in my opinion. They have taken everything that was cool about  Britain in the 90’s and modernised it for the people of today. Front Men Tom Meighan and Sergio Pizzorno oooze that UK rock confidence previously seen in Liam and Noel Gallagher (the Gods of Brit-pop). Live shows are insane, get ready Big Day Out 2010! this track is a groovey beat which just feels effortlessly cool. . . .

Mark Ronson feat. Lily Allen – Oh My God (Version)


Mark Ronson is the Uk version of Timbaland, everything he touches turns to gold (except in a good way, not in a shit timbaland way). He’s the producer behind Amy Winehouses Album ‘back to black’ and the Kaiser Chiefs new album to name a few. His solo album ‘version’ is a cover album which placed Ronson’s unique spin on some well known songs. This track is a cover of a Kaiser Chiefs song ‘Oh My God’ sung by Lily Allen and obviously produced by Mark Ronson. Cracker!

So that’s it for the first installment of Stapo’s Sick Six!

If you have any requests or songs i should have a listen to email me at:

or otherwise leave a comment. Hope you enjoy the tracks!


5 Responses to “Stapo’s Sick Six – 1st Edition”

  1. lydiasawtell Says:

    geat work stapo!

  2. anon Says:

    best phoenix song

  3. jordan Says:

    Great songs there mate, been kicking ass on triple j for a while!, keep up the good work!

  4. vampirellangel Says:

    what are ya’ some musical tasted bad ass??!!

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