Stapo’s Sick Six – 2nd Edition

Thanks to everyone who gave their feedback last week. Some good comments,  some bad, some which i blatantly hung up on. . .

Anyway 2nd Edition is set to be another ripper. A few chilled ones and a couple of faster ones.

I’ve now embeded Youtube videos, have a listen, and tell me what you think.

Here we go. . .2nd Edition!

Queens Of The Stone Age – Little Sister (Lullabies to paralyze)


Queens of the Stone Age are one of those bands that go slightly under the radar, but they’ve got some rocking tracks. This track became popular after being featured in an episode of entourage, and why not; it’s really good. Front man Josh Homme’s soothing blues vocals smooth over the jagged and fast paced guitar.

Note: Josh Homme is currently in two other bands: ‘Eagles of Death Metal’ and more recently ‘Them Crooked Vultures’ with ‘Foo Fighter’s’ Dave Grohl and ‘Led Zepplin’s’ John Paul Jones. Both of these bands are touring Australia early in the year.

The xx – Islands (xx)


The xx are a very chilled band. Thier Debut album titled xx produces some very cool, calm songs which are ideal for cruising in the car or having summer beers. Hailing from the same school as fellow UK band Hot chip, these 20 year olds are only at the beginning of the road. They were placed at number 6 in the 2009  NME The Future 50 list. This track is very cool and takes advantage of boys male and female vocals, reminds me of angus and julia stone. Enjoy!

Grizzly Bear – While you wait for the others (Veckatamist)


Grizzly Bear are this years Fleet Foxes. Their use of vocal harmonies vintage style puts them in a unique category of music; old but new. But one thing is clear they are really good. Their Debut album shows maturity far beyond their years and this particular track sounds like it’s sung by an old man rather than these young lads. Grizzly Bear are playing the Falls festivals.

Ryan Adams – Everybody knows (Easy Tiger)

Ryan on the beach

Ryan Adams, (yes RYAN Adams, not Bryan) is a musical genius. A country singer who dresses like a punk rocker. But don’t let the words Country Music scare you away from what is really good music. Have a listen and i’m sure you’ll be converted!

Note: Adams gained notoriety amongst the teens for his rendition of Oasis’ Wonderwall which was played on the hit T.V series the O.C.

Cut Copy DJ’s – Drop the Bomb


Cut Copy; everyone in Australia knows them. Most like them. They have taken their style of modernised 80’s pop music and placed a stranglehold on the 12-25 year olds of this country. Many bands in Aus have now begun trying to put their spin on what Cut Copy started and have found success, (Van She, Grafton Primary, Miami horror). But early days cut copy mashed and mixed samples to great effect. They continue this in the form of Cut Copy DJ’s. No vocals just dropping bombs (excuse the pun). . . Have a listen to this track and you’ll start jiving no doubt.

Incubus – Anna Molly (Light Grenades)


Incubus have been around for ages, they play a very californian style of rock. This track is fast paced and has some wicked drum fills, have a listen and enjoy!


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