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Stapo’s Sick Six – 5th Edition

November 27, 2009

This weeks sick six is another ripper get involved. tell your mates!

Next week i review 2009 as a musical year and tell my sickest 6!

5thEdition here we go. . . .

Radiohead – All i need

Radiohead have been around for a long time. They have consistently produced amazing and complete albums from start to finish. Their album In Rainbows was an online release which meant fans could pay whatever they felt the album was worth. In most cases this meant $0, shit for Radiohead but great for fans. This track is so chilled, it gives me chills. Watch this live studio recording. Cool. . .

The Rapture – Get myself into it

The Rapture are one of those bands that ooze funk! recently headlined the parklife festivals in Australia and put on a really good show. Hard not to jive to. enjoy this performance.

The Darkness – I Believe in a thing called love

The Darkness are unfortunately now broken up due to lead singer Justin Hawkins becoming addicted to heroin and having to check into serious rehab. . . .But on a lighter note, back in the day they could put on a show! have a look at this video from jools holland and you’ll see what i’m talking about. . .

Florence and the machine – You’ve got the love

Personally i’m a little sceptical of this band. some songs don’t translate well from CD to live performances. this track definately translates.  There is absolutely no denying the voice on front woman Florence Welch; it’s simply amazing. This track reminds me of Moby’s Why does my heart feel so bad. Have a look at this performance and tell me what you think. Florence and the machine are playing the laneway festival in Australia next year.

Note: This video was shot at Ibiza rocks, a hotel in Ibiza which is devoted to live music every night and apparently never sleeps! amazing

Franz Ferdinand – Ulyssess

Franz Ferdinand having played last years Falls Festival are coming back next year to play future music. Strange act to be playing at a Dance festival but they can put on a groove. Watch this video recorded from someones living room. pretty sweet, listen out for lead singer Alexander Kapranos saying that’s the shit at the end! funny stuff.

N*E*R*D – Things are getting better

NERD are a strangely underrated band. And i’m simply shocked as to why this song doesn’t even have a filmclip let alone some vision of a live performance. but i figure i’d just put the song on for you. have a listen and join me in my outrage!

Make sure to check out my band Agility are playing some gigs around melbourne over the summer. head down and have fun


Stapo’s Sick Six – 4th Edition

November 17, 2009

Back to business. Last week’s Falls Edition was a hit!

This week has some rocking tracks, aome chilled and some new ones.

Have a listen and enjoy!

4th Edition. . .Here we go

Lupe Fiasco – Paris, Tokyo

Lupe Fiasco is not your average rap artist. his tunes are chilled and not as aggressive as his Gang Banger counterparts. Also live perfomances are actually played live, which is refreshing for rap artists. Lupe played the Big Day Out last year and was amazing, this particular track went off. This video is taken from spring break in the US. check it out!

Kings Of Leon – Joes Head

Kings Of Leon, . . .who? yes i know i’m sure we’ve all heard Kings but this track is going to take eveyone back to when they weren’t sell outs. Crazy hair, moustaches, 70’s outfits and some really good tunes. It understandable how they built up so much hype; if you go back over their catalogue you’ll find even their earliest songs are still gems. This song is definately one of them, illustrating their origins. Have a listen!

Delorean – Deli

Based in Barcelona Delorean are a very fresh band on the scene with only an E.P to their name. But from what i’ve heard its very good. Similar to bands like Air, Cut Copy and Phoenix i’m sure that you’ll enjoy what they’ve got to offer. Enjoy!

The Strokes – 12:51

The Strokes are on hiatus whilst Julian Casablancas is doing his solo thing. But back in the day they were the shit. oozing a too cool for rock and roll style, these boys had a unique style of rock which they made their own, simple, catchy, indie. have a listen to this track, one of their best. great lyrics! (its a pitty Julian doesn’t get into it a bit more)

The Subways – With you

The Subways are an absolute riot. I couldn’t find a video of a live show that was clear enough to show,  purely because every live show is out of control!! this UK 3 peice are known for loosing their shit on stage. this track is a cracker. Watch this video and tell me what you think.

Gotye – Hearts a mess

Gotye is an Australian artist in a very similar genre to that of Beck, hard to define but very chilled and cool. this track was recorded in his own self built home studio, and won an ARIA award! Super cool, Super Chilled. Check out this vidceo from triple J’s live at the wireless and watch Gotye’s musical genius in action!

Stapo’s Sick Six – Falls Festival

November 11, 2009

Falls Festival is easily the best festival in Australia. The vibe, the environment, the people are all perfect. The music is consitently entertaining.

This weeks sick six is all about this years Falls Festival. We all know that Moby is there and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and we all know their songs. So i’m going to list some groups that aren’t headlining but are still very entertaining. Some of the best bands at falls are during the day when a performance catches you by suprise, and you instantly become a fan!!

So here we go. . . Falls Festival Edition!

King Khan & The Shrines – Land Of The Freak

Do not miss this band! Even if you don’t like their music, you must see them. Falls is well known for bringing bands that can entertain, often a little kooky. This band is definately one of them. Front man King Khan is absolutely insane and possibly the coolest man alive, doing anything to get the crowd involved. he even has his own personal dancer on stage! The Shrines consist of unbelievable musicians who have played with Stevie Wonder and Curtis Mayfeild, so you’ll be sure for a really good time that you’ll talk about for days!!

Datarock – Fa Fa Fa

Darock are another band which are out for a good time and a good show! with the whole band wearing Datarock tracksuits its hard not to get involved and enjoy what they’re about.

This track is fun and will go off at falls no doubt, make sure you’re there for this!!

Temper Trap – Sweet Disposition

Temper trap are coming home! I know we’re all probably sick of hearing this tune, but from all accounts Temper Trap are amazing live. Having to upsize most of their venues due to sell out crowds in Europe, they are slowly taking the world by storm.

Also playing the Jimmy Kimmel show in the US, they are going to be huge! check this video from laneway festival in Melbourne

Marva Whitney – Its my Thing

Marva Whitney &  The Transalatics are a funk & soul band. Marva Whitney is an influential soul singer from the 60’s. Mates with the Godfather James Brown, she is sure to put on a show that only veterans can. Even if you’re not that into the tunes, it’d be worth a sit on the hill and a beer and enjoy the show. Check this video out from her glory days!!

Oh Mercy – Lay Everything On Me

Oh Mercy are an Australian band. Still young but are starting to play more and more festivals. Their music is an interesting style; reminds me of bluesy 50’s music. But anyway have a listen to the song and tell me what you think.

The Editors -Bullets

The Editors are an epic sounding band and will no doubt sound even better live. Fast past and dramatic this tune is a ripper. This video has a few of their songs which were perfomed on jools holland. Have a listen and let me know what you think. See them!

That it for this week! Next week, its back to normal. IF YOU HAVE ANY IDEAS FOR THEMED SICK 6’S LET ME KNOW!!

COMING UP:   Big Day Out, Laneway Festival, year 2009. . . Keep posted

Stapo’s Six Six – 3rd Edition

November 5, 2009

This week is set to be another really good list. Suggestions are starting to roll in, keep them coming!

If you think i’m missing something that should be in here, or you like what’s going on drop me a line on facebook or leave a comment.

Some really cool videos to go with these songs.

3rd Addition. . . here we go!


Arcade Fire – No Cars Go (Neon Bible)

Arcade fire are an enormous band, filled with strings, organs and synths. The result is an epic sound with a hard to define style and some fun live shows. Played the main stage at the Big Day Out in 2008. Have a listen to this track and see what Arcade Fire are all about.



Julian Casablancas – 11th Dimension (Phrases for the young)

Julian Casablancas, lead singer from the Strokes has taken time out to create a solo album. This is the first and easily the best track off it. Released at the exact same time that Melbournians are getting excited for summer, this track gets you thinking about sunday sessions in the sun and having a good time. I fear however that this track will be milked on commercial radio until everyone hates Julian Casablancas, lets hope i’m wrong because this song is a ripper!



Interpol – Rest My Chemistry (Our love to Admire)

Interpol. Underrated, aquired taste. A post punk indie band form New York. They have some really good songs, with a unique often dark sound which comes straight from lead singer Paul Banks’ demon vocals. This track (although not confirmed) seems to be about Banks’ cocaine binges “haven’t slept for 2 days” and how someone has convinced him to “rest my chemistry”. . . have a listen to the lyrics and tell me what your thoughts are.



David Grey – Please Forgive Me (White Ladder)

David Grey is an artist known for writing emotioanl heartfelt songs. He is also known for being a bobble-head (watch the video and you’ll understand). This song is perhaps one of favourties. Its heartfelt, upbeat, but somber at the same time. Keep an eye out for the golem look a like playing the drums, he’s amazing. Note: (its a long video, last half is better, 3:30 onwards)



Oasis – Falling down (Dig Out your Soul)

Oasis is a band that we will never see again. Never has a band carried so much hype, so much confidence or summed up an era  the way in which Oasis have. Liam and Noel Gallagher are true rockstars, failing to give a fuck about anyone or anything. With Oasis’ recent split, the only light in this dark tunnel is the possibility of a Noel Gallagher solo album. Have a listen to Noel in action in this track from the most underated album of 2008.



Whitest Boy Alive – 1517 (Rules)

Who said White boys can’t funk? Because German band The whitest boy alive is full of it. Smooth vocals, jiving bass lines; this band is hard to not get your funk on to. This Video is a cracker, Shot at their Album release in a shop front in Berlin. have a look and keep an eye out for the german axe-murderer with the beard, freaky! (2:09)

That’s it for this week, next week i’ll be doing Sick Six – FALLS FESTIVAL. if you have any suggestions, let me know!!