Stapo’s Sick Six – Falls Festival

Falls Festival is easily the best festival in Australia. The vibe, the environment, the people are all perfect. The music is consitently entertaining.

This weeks sick six is all about this years Falls Festival. We all know that Moby is there and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and we all know their songs. So i’m going to list some groups that aren’t headlining but are still very entertaining. Some of the best bands at falls are during the day when a performance catches you by suprise, and you instantly become a fan!!

So here we go. . . Falls Festival Edition!

King Khan & The Shrines – Land Of The Freak

Do not miss this band! Even if you don’t like their music, you must see them. Falls is well known for bringing bands that can entertain, often a little kooky. This band is definately one of them. Front man King Khan is absolutely insane and possibly the coolest man alive, doing anything to get the crowd involved. he even has his own personal dancer on stage! The Shrines consist of unbelievable musicians who have played with Stevie Wonder and Curtis Mayfeild, so you’ll be sure for a really good time that you’ll talk about for days!!

Datarock – Fa Fa Fa

Darock are another band which are out for a good time and a good show! with the whole band wearing Datarock tracksuits its hard not to get involved and enjoy what they’re about.

This track is fun and will go off at falls no doubt, make sure you’re there for this!!

Temper Trap – Sweet Disposition

Temper trap are coming home! I know we’re all probably sick of hearing this tune, but from all accounts Temper Trap are amazing live. Having to upsize most of their venues due to sell out crowds in Europe, they are slowly taking the world by storm.

Also playing the Jimmy Kimmel show in the US, they are going to be huge! check this video from laneway festival in Melbourne

Marva Whitney – Its my Thing

Marva Whitney &  The Transalatics are a funk & soul band. Marva Whitney is an influential soul singer from the 60’s. Mates with the Godfather James Brown, she is sure to put on a show that only veterans can. Even if you’re not that into the tunes, it’d be worth a sit on the hill and a beer and enjoy the show. Check this video out from her glory days!!

Oh Mercy – Lay Everything On Me

Oh Mercy are an Australian band. Still young but are starting to play more and more festivals. Their music is an interesting style; reminds me of bluesy 50’s music. But anyway have a listen to the song and tell me what you think.

The Editors -Bullets

The Editors are an epic sounding band and will no doubt sound even better live. Fast past and dramatic this tune is a ripper. This video has a few of their songs which were perfomed on jools holland. Have a listen and let me know what you think. See them!

That it for this week! Next week, its back to normal. IF YOU HAVE ANY IDEAS FOR THEMED SICK 6’S LET ME KNOW!!

COMING UP:   Big Day Out, Laneway Festival, year 2009. . . Keep posted


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