Stapo’s Sick Six – 5th Edition

This weeks sick six is another ripper get involved. tell your mates!

Next week i review 2009 as a musical year and tell my sickest 6!

5thEdition here we go. . . .

Radiohead – All i need

Radiohead have been around for a long time. They have consistently produced amazing and complete albums from start to finish. Their album In Rainbows was an online release which meant fans could pay whatever they felt the album was worth. In most cases this meant $0, shit for Radiohead but great for fans. This track is so chilled, it gives me chills. Watch this live studio recording. Cool. . .

The Rapture – Get myself into it

The Rapture are one of those bands that ooze funk! recently headlined the parklife festivals in Australia and put on a really good show. Hard not to jive to. enjoy this performance.

The Darkness – I Believe in a thing called love

The Darkness are unfortunately now broken up due to lead singer Justin Hawkins becoming addicted to heroin and having to check into serious rehab. . . .But on a lighter note, back in the day they could put on a show! have a look at this video from jools holland and you’ll see what i’m talking about. . .

Florence and the machine – You’ve got the love

Personally i’m a little sceptical of this band. some songs don’t translate well from CD to live performances. this track definately translates.  There is absolutely no denying the voice on front woman Florence Welch; it’s simply amazing. This track reminds me of Moby’s Why does my heart feel so bad. Have a look at this performance and tell me what you think. Florence and the machine are playing the laneway festival in Australia next year.

Note: This video was shot at Ibiza rocks, a hotel in Ibiza which is devoted to live music every night and apparently never sleeps! amazing

Franz Ferdinand – Ulyssess

Franz Ferdinand having played last years Falls Festival are coming back next year to play future music. Strange act to be playing at a Dance festival but they can put on a groove. Watch this video recorded from someones living room. pretty sweet, listen out for lead singer Alexander Kapranos saying that’s the shit at the end! funny stuff.

N*E*R*D – Things are getting better

NERD are a strangely underrated band. And i’m simply shocked as to why this song doesn’t even have a filmclip let alone some vision of a live performance. but i figure i’d just put the song on for you. have a listen and join me in my outrage!

Make sure to check out my band Agility are playing some gigs around melbourne over the summer. head down and have fun


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