Stapo’s Sick Six – Meredith Music Festival Edition

Meredith is often spoken as the best music festival in Australia by the Melbournian punters. Close to Melbourne, great surrounds, BYO and trippy music.

This weeks Six will show you six acts which are playing at meredith and that you should take the time to see.

Meredith Edition. . Here we go!

Akron/Family – Everyone is guilty

An experimental rock group from the US. has shades of the animal collective. Recently played the US festival SXSW. This band would go down nicely when you’re off your face. Have a listen to this track.

Tumbleweed – Sundial

The Australian stoner rockers are back in action touring Australia this summer, recently playing homebake and also playing the Big Day Out 2010. This song is an oldy but a goody. Filmed at BDO 1996

Eddy Current Suppression Ring – Which way to go

Eddy Current are a unique band in Australia. taking elements of punk music and creating an Australian twist to the genre. Front man Brendan Huntley is a loose unit. They’ve played big day out, golden plains as well as many others. check this track out filmed at the tote in melbourne.

Tim Sweeney – Tensnake (i want you to cry remix)

Tim Sweeney is one of many DJ’s playing at Meredith. Using both vinylls and CD decks; he mixes old tracks with new ones creating a funky, house-electro style set. this video shows him in action. watch the dude in the red hat.

Paul Kelly – To her door

Aussie Icon, just imagine thousands of off-people singing this song together arm in arm. must see this. Un Australian if you don’t!

Royal Crown Revue – Hey Pachucho

This Band will be fun to watch another big band type group. This track is from the Jim Carrey Blockbuster “The Mask” . Have a listen and get involved


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