4th Edition

Back to business. Last week’s Falls Edition was a hit!

This week has some rocking tracks, aome chilled and some new ones.

Have a listen and enjoy!

4th Edition. . .Here we go

Lupe Fiasco – Paris, Tokyo

Lupe Fiasco is not your average rap artist. his tunes are chilled and not as aggressive as his Gang Banger counterparts. Also live perfomances are actually played live, which is refreshing for rap artists. Lupe played the Big Day Out last year and was amazing, this particular track went off. This video is taken from spring break in the US. check it out!

Kings Of Leon – Joes Head

Kings Of Leon, . . .who? yes i know i’m sure we’ve all heard Kings but this track is going to take eveyone back to when they weren’t sell outs. Crazy hair, moustaches, 70’s outfits and some really good tunes. It understandable how they built up so much hype; if you go back over their catalogue you’ll find even their earliest songs are still gems. This song is definately one of them, illustrating their origins. Have a listen!

Delorean – Deli

Based in Barcelona Delorean are a very fresh band on the scene with only an E.P to their name. But from what i’ve heard its very good. Similar to bands like Air, Cut Copy and Phoenix i’m sure that you’ll enjoy what they’ve got to offer. Enjoy!

The Strokes – 12:51

The Strokes are on hiatus whilst Julian Casablancas is doing his solo thing. But back in the day they were the shit. oozing a too cool for rock and roll style, these boys had a unique style of rock which they made their own, simple, catchy, indie. have a listen to this track, one of their best. great lyrics! (its a pitty Julian doesn’t get into it a bit more)

The Subways – With you

The Subways are an absolute riot. I couldn’t find a video of a live show that was clear enough to show,  purely because every live show is out of control!! this UK 3 peice are known for loosing their shit on stage. this track is a cracker. Watch this video and tell me what you think.

Gotye – Hearts a mess

Gotye is an Australian artist in a very similar genre to that of Beck, hard to define but very chilled and cool. this track was recorded in his own self built home studio, and won an ARIA award! Super cool, Super Chilled. Check out this vidceo from triple J’s live at the wireless and watch Gotye’s musical genius in action!


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