Songs of 2009

Hey. This week i’m listing my favourite tracks released in 2009 to date.

There are probably numerous options here, but i thought i’d opt for songs that may have slipped under the radar of listeners.

So here we go. . .Songs of 2009

Animal Collective – My Girls

Animal Collective are a trippy band! the have released several albums prior to this most recent album Merriweather Post Pavillion.

which has on it some very phsycedelic tracks. The least trippy and most commercially viable song from this album is ‘My Girls’. That’s not to say it’s not a gem!

Have a listen and get involved.

Middle East – Blood

Aussie Band the Middle East are a polished unit live; tight and great sound. This track is deep has some amazing harmonies and sounds coming out of it. recently played a bunch of free shows for myspace in Melbourne.

Jack Penate – Tonights Today

Jack Penate is a London born lad who specialises in dancy, alternative, rockabilly tunes. Having worked his way up the club scene in London; his Debut Album opened at #7 in the Uk album charts. All this Despite copping a 5/10 review from respected NME magazine. Anyway, this particular track is fun and easy to listen to. Get involved.

Two Door Cinema Club – Something Good Can Work

2 Door Cinema Club are a three piece band with no drummer! Yes that’s correct. The three UK boys play live shows with a drum machine, meaning of course that they are incredibly tight. This song is a blend of Phoenix, Jason Mraz and any other up beat pop rock. But it is very cheerful and the first time you hear the guitar melody you’ll be hooked!

Miami Horror – Sometimes

Miami Horror can put on a show! i recently saw them live and had the privilege of going backstage and meeting the boys after i befriended a parent. . .long story. Anyway, This track was particularly good and went off. This is their most recent single to be released and arguably their most popular. Have a listen.

Kasabian – Fast Fuse

How could i not put Kasabian in a 2009 themed list. Their Album West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum although long titled, and probably not their best musically. But it definately was their most successful. It got them radio play on commercial stations that previously didn’t. This of course meant increased popularity and now they are headlining the Big Day Out 2010. Make sure you see them when they come to Australia! This track is made to be reckless!


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