What is Stapo’s Sick Six?

Get involved!

Stapos Sick Six is simply all about cool music, i’ll put 6 new songs each week which will all be from various genres and years.

Some of the songs you will have heard, others maybe not; but they will all be great songs.

The idea is that people will listen to these songs and have an opinion.

I hope to recieve request from people so that i can listen to their sick six, who knows maybe one of your songs will make it on next weeks list.

Anyway if you want to contact me leave a comment or email me : staposcannon@hotmail.com


One Response to “What is Stapo’s Sick Six?”

  1. Matty Stapo Says:

    Hey Doo,
    post a second blog you jackass. . . . . . . . . from liam

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